Uniting Communities: Sundays On State

Written by Abby Asher

The Mobile Museum of Tolerance recently had the privilege of participating in #SundaysOnState β€”an extraordinary festival that brought together Chicagoans for an interactive block party celebrating art, culture, recreation, gastronomy, shopping, and local attractions in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. 
We were delighted to witness the incredible response from Chicago locals. Throughout the workshops, we delved into a wide range of crucial topics, including combatting discrimination, promoting social justice, and cultivating connections between different communities. Through interactive exercises, lively discussions, and the sharing of personal experiences, we were able to witness the transformative power of empathy and understanding. During the festival, our bus had the privilege of hosting over 800 visitors, each lending their unique voices and perspectives to the workshops.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Chicago Loop Alliance and CannonDesign for graciously inviting us to be part of this extraordinary event. For more details and press coverage of the event, please visit the following link: https://abc7chicago.com/sundays-on-state-chicago-loop-alliance-things-to-do-in-this-weekend-street/13238767/ .

Sundays On State Photo Gallery
Photo Credit: Laura Peters / Cannon Design